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Aloha! My name is Celeste.

I am a swim coach and holistic health coach with 32 years experience in health, fitness and competition. My greatest passion is coaching people to discover their swim potential through creating deep awareness and a shift in their mindset.

Learning to swim effortlessly is simple, but it does take effort in the form of deep, continuous, purposeful practice. I can help you. The steps are simple; I keep it simple. Your job is to commit to it. Let’s see what happens.

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Private Lessons/Video Coaching

Contact me if you would like to book a private or semi-private lesson with me here with me in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

Can’t make it to me? Send me a 30-second video clip of your swimming for me to review. I will add comments so you can see what you are doing well and what needs to change. I’ll also suggest drills and skills to do to help you improve your stroke.

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Simple Swims front book cover

Simple Swims

Practices for balanced, stable swimming 

by Celeste St.Pierre

Filled with swim practices ranging from 500 yards up to 4 hours. Whether you are swimming for fun and fitness or preparing for a sprint to 10K swim, this book is for you. It includes dryland strength work, mindfulness training exercises, and drills. When you purchase the book, you will also have access to educational videos to support you to your best swim.

Buy Simple Swims: Practices for balanced, stable swimming

here  on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08F6TXV11

What they’re saying

I’ve attended a number of workshops and open-water swim camps run by Celeste. Although I train with a masters swimming team at home, Celeste is my go-to person to review, recalibrate, and improve my swim technique.

I have attended a number of Celeste’s swim camps and I do not hesitate to recommend her coaching services. Celeste is an insightful coach. She addresses both the physical and mental aspects of swimming and triathlon. She is able to breakdown a stroke into small parts in order for athletes to make real improvements. Whenever I’m in open water situations that most would call “rough seas,” I hear Celeste’s reframing of this situation as “sporty water”… and I smile and swim on effortlessly! Thank you, Celeste, for helping me achieve my distance PR in St. John!

Our three children have become stronger swimmers. Celeste’s approach, technique, and attitude, have motivated our kids to make significant gains, from confidence in the pool to lake, they eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to swim and do much better than before.

I love triathlon training. Besides winning back my physical health, I have gained peace, joy, confidence, persistence, and a love for life, thanks to my coach, Celeste St Pierre.

Celeste is a joy to work with and I can guarantee your swimming technique will be transformed!