Celeste St. Pierre

Hello, Swimmer!
I am excited to share with you what I have learned as both a coach and an athlete. I have been competing in triathlons for over 30 years. As a coach, I’ve been teaching swimming since 1998 and have earned certification as both a USA Triathlon Coach and a USA Swimming Coach. I can help you learn how to yoke the mind, body, and water to bring out your best swimming.

Teaching and coaching is in my blood. I love the detail in movement, which lines up perfectly with the subtleties of swimming. For many triathletes, the common challenge is the swim. I can relate, as my own swim was weak at my start of my triathlete career. But through training and then certifications, I’ve gained the tools and knowledge to improve and subsequently to teach others to improve as well.

I have always loved swimming and it is now my favorite sport to teach. My deep seated belief is if I could learn to swim with the feeling of ease, stability, grace, and effortless movements, then so could anyone else. I’m here to share with you everything I have learned. As we work together, let’s see what happens!


Coaching for over 20 years


Swimmer and triathlete clients helped


Successful camps, clinics and workshops offered

“I support people to swim their best. “

~ Celeste St. Pierre