Swimming with the Mind of Meditation and Core – #5

Here is the fifth sample from my next swim book, “Simple Swims” . I will be releasing one each week for the next few weeks for a total of 8 practices. Each week the practices will get a little longer.

This practice includes a post swim mindful practice, check it out and give it a go!

Mix Focus 2100 yards
1 x 500 warm-up just working the legs, hold the legs still/quiet between strokes.
3 x 200 fingertips tickling when leading with the recovery arm elbow. Rest 4-5 breathes.
5 x 100 as 25 single arm right, 25 single arm left, then 50 whole stroke. Use the hips and the legs, work the “boomerang” catch shape.
1 x 500 swim flatter through the hips.